Melton's Encyclopedia of American Religions

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Gale Cengage Learning, 2009 - 1386 pagini
This completely updated and expanded Melton's Encyclopedia of American Religions, offers authoritative information on the full range of American religious organizations, including unclassified as well as defunct groups not found in other directories on religion.
Researchers will find this resource comprehensive as well as compelling, with coverage on more than 2,800 North American religious groups in the U.S. and Canada, from Adventists to Zen Buddhists.
In addition to the nearly 200 new entries, the encyclopedia also features detailed introductory essays; 24 narrative chapters describing the historical development of religions families; and maps, tables, charts and chronologies bringing the statistical information to life.
"This encyclopedia has been a standard reference work for 20 years." -- Theology Digest (Spring 1999)

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