Urban Problems and Urban Perspectives

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Abhinav Publications, 2003 - 531 pagini
The absence of consolidated and up-to-date literature dealing with various aspects of current urban problems and their implications for policy decision making has been acting as a lacuna for a long time. For urgent removal of this lacuna, a comprehensive fund of knowledge and understanding of an inter-disciplinary approach toward urban problems was desired to be developed. The present volume is the consequence of a collective attempt to unfold before the discerning reader thought provoking ideas derived from empirical studies, often breaking new grounds in respect of planning directives and policy guidelines.

The contents of the book deal with a broad spectrum of subjects besides attempting in-depth analysis of manifold facets of emerging urban problems to focus attention on the need to adopt comprehensive policy framework in regard to urban land, housing, transportation and balanced urban and regional development with a perspective of tomorrow.

It is hoped that this book would provide fresh approach to enable planners and others to effectively diagnose problems, assess their impact and prescribe appropriate solutions.

The eminent personalities, contributing to this book, like Dr. Asok Mitra, Mr. Jagmohan, Mr. Sayed S. Shari, Dr. B.D. Nag Chaudhuri, Mr. H.U. Bijlani, Professor Rashmi Mayur, Mr. Alfred De Souza, Dr. P.G. Patankar, Mr. Ardhendu Bhattacharya etc. etc., are well known for their contributions in the field of Urban Planning and Development.

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